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Prothonotary Warbler-courtesy of Steven Klinger

Prothonotary Warbler

Hockhocking Adena Trail

Here you will find the list of birds you can expect to see and hear along this trail. Follow along with the guide to find the following stops and listen to the audio clips below. 

Click here to download Bikeway guide PDF

Listen for these songs in the corresponding stops. Descriptions of the songs will help to distinguish which species you are hearing in the field. 

 Stops 1-4

Common Yellowthroat"Witchety Whichety Whichety"
Indigo Bunting"fire fire where where here here"

Song Sparrow-"intro notes followed by musical trill"

Field Sparrow-"Ping ball down a stairway"

Eastern Meadowlark-"Mellow Whistle"

 Stops 4-5

White-eyed Vireo"Check for the beer please"
Northern Mockingbird"Mimic: repeat phase 3-5X"

 Stops 5-6

Tuffted Titmouse"Peter Peter Peter"
Prothonotary Warbler"Sweet Sweet Sweet"
Yellow-breasted Chat"cat like calls, whistles, croaks"
Eastern Towhee"Drink your teaa" or "chewink"
Carolina Wren"Tea kettle 3x"
Northern Parula"Zip with an abrupt ending"
White-Breasted Nuthatch"nasal yank"

 Stops 6-7

 Stops 7-8

Ovenbird-"teacher teacher teacher"

Hooded Warbler-"Loud trit twee, twee twee teoo"

Wood Thrush"Flute-like ee lolah aholee
Acadian Flycatcher "Pizza!"
Lousiana Waterthrush"jumbled descending phrases"
Cerulean Warbler "Buzzy three part beer beer beer sisi zreee""

Easter Wood Pewee-"pewee Peooo"

American Redstart"series of tsi tsi tsi tseeo"
Scarlet Tanager"Slurred Robin-like phrases "
Yellow-Throated Vireo "slurred paried notes "
Red-eyed Vireo"continuous up here see me in the tree"

 Stop 8

Eastern PhoebeRepeats Name-Phoebe

Chipping Sparrow-"dry trill"

Mourning Dove-"Mournful cooing"

Yellow Warbler"Sweet sweet sweet I'm so sweet"
Northern Cardinal "what cheer cheer cheer"
Catbird song 1 Cat Mewing
Catbird song 2 scrambled mimic notes

Moonville Tunnel Trail 

 Stop 1-2

Cerulean Warbler

Buzzy three part "beer beer beer sisi zreee"

American Crow

Loud: "kaw kaw kaw"

Northern Parula

Zip with an abrupt ending

 Stop 2-3

Great-Crested Flycatcher

loud, boisterous: "bereep or wheep"

Acadian Flycatcher

Explosive: "Pizza!"


Flute-like: "eelolah eelolee" note: this individual bird has a distinct slide-whistle added to the otherwise typical song. 


Click here to download Bikeway guide PDF

 Stops 3-4

Common Yellow-throat

Three-part: "Witchety-Witchety-Whichety"

White-eyed Vireo

"check for the beer please"

Eastern Towhee

"drink your teaaa" song

Eatern Towhee

"Chewink" call

Hooded Warbler

Loud and fast: "twee twee twee -teoo" last phrase strongly accented. 

Warbling Vireo- audio coming soon 

 Stops 4-6


Flute-like: "eelolah eelolee"

Carolina Wren

"Tea kettle Tea kettle Tea kettle"

Wood Pewee-Audio coming soon

Scarlet Tanager-Audio coming soon

Robin-like 5 part song shorter and more slurred than Robin. 

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