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  • Lynn Holtzman

Why Birding on Bikes?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

At first, you might think that birding and biking are not a good fit. But I hope to convince you otherwise and open up a whole new world of biking and birding opportunities. First, biking allows you to experience more birds over more space in a shorter period of time than a traditional walk/bird. Secondly, bikes allow you to access areas that a vehicle could not reach, getting you a closer look and listen. Thirdly, the rails to trails project in Ohio, and other states, have provided safe biking routes that occur on relatively flat and level gradient easily traveled with a bicycle. Moreover, these trails traverse some of the most diverse and beautiful natural and birding areas in the state, such as the Oak Openings, Blackhand Gorge

State Nature Preserve (pictured here), Huffman Prairie, Cedar Bog, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreational Park, and Spring Valley Marsh. Significant historical sites, including the Birthplace of Tecumseh, Wright Brothers Flying Field, Ohio/Erie Canal, Fort Ancient, Moonville Tunnel, and Hopewell Mound National Historical Park, can also be encountered along these bikeways. In other words, to bike on Ohio's bikeways is to discover Ohio's natural and historical heritage. Bicycling is a great way to reconnect to your "Buckeye" state heritage.

As an avid biker and birder, I hope to encourage you to experience the freedom of bicycling and the joy of birding across Ohio's countryside. The printed trail guides and the accompanying audio/bird song tour found on this website are designed to achieve that purpose. So please feel free to use this site but more importantly, grab a bicycle and a pair of binoculars and begin your adventure with birding on Ohio's bikeways.

Good Biking for Birds!

Lynn Holtzman 06/21/21

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